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Christmas Decorations in Purple and White

Hi and welcome to my first Christmas blog post here on Joyfully Festive. Set up to spread Christmas cheer all year round.

I know there are loads of us out there who love to be in the Christmas spirit all year round. So I wanted to create a space to share with you all the things I love about the Christmas season and here it is!

My Christmas happy place

Christmas Ideas & Inspiration

I have loads of ideas for blog posts and will have lots of posts on categories such as: Decorations, Food & Drink, Gifts & Shopping, Music & TV and Christmas Traditions new and old.

To get you straight in the Christmas mood, check out this post with 50 Christmas Activities for your Christmas Bucket List.

Hopefully these will provide lots of Christmas ideas and inspiration for you, or just the daily Christmas fix you are looking for to keep your Christmas with you all year long.

About Me

So, a bit about me, I’m Caroline and I’m in the UK. Obviously I love the holidays and have been a “Christmas enthusiast” (read Christmas crazy) all my life.

My family has always been Joyfully Festive too. We always had the tree up early, as well as big family Christmas parties every year, with food and presents and lots of fun, what’s not to love!

I was lucky enough to marry someone from a family who also has a love of Christmas and so instead of limiting my obsession he actively encourages it and I love him so much for that.

Why start a Christmas blog?

Although the last couple of weeks have been a flurry of research and action. It had never even occurred to me to start a Christmas blog. I have always been very internet and social media shy and I am still a little scared to be honest.

So, I have been inspired to start a blog after getting hooked on YouTube recently and in particular Disney Vloggers (Disney is another love of mine). I’m certainly not brave enough to become a YouTuber and probably never will be. But they all seem to be having such a wonderful time sharing their passion.

I have enjoyed watching these so much that I wanted to find a way to bring my passion for the Christmas spirit into my everyday life and hopefully share it with some other like minded people. After a lot of umming and ahing over whether to take the plunge – here I am!

I hope you enjoy reading my Christmas blog, so far I have really enjoyed starting to put it together and have so many ideas. I can’t wait to get started posting articles, bringing you some inspiration and being Joyfully Festive everyday.

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Have fun everyone