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AD – Gifted: Items mentioned in this post were kindly gifted to me by Lush.

Hi lovely readers.

I’m really excited to have received a Christmas gift from the Lush Christmas 2019 range! The gift comes with no obligation whatsoever from Lush to promote them. However, they are a great company and I use them myself all the time. They are one of my absolute faves. So I couldn’t wait to show you all the lovely gift set I received.

To give you an idea of my love for Lush. There has been a line on my Christmas wish list every year for the past 18 years which reads “anything from Lush”.

I have always had a soft spot for Lush and have been a customer since my university days, many moons ago.

I went to university in Southampton, just down the road from where Lush was founded in Poole. Lush was exactly the type of great shopping I had gone to university in Southampton for (and to study, obviously). I was immediately a convert to this sweet smelling paradise as soon as they opened. You always know when there is a Lush shop nearby.

Lush LoveFor those of you who don’t know Lush, they are:

Inventors of the bath bomb and home of bath art. Vegetarian, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics, handmade by real people.

I have had loads of Lush favourites over the years. From the original Rock Star soap to Buffy the Backside Slayer. But, of course I’m always super excited to see their Christmas range and this year is no exception with a feast of festive treats on offer, you can see the full Lush Christmas 2019 website here.

Green and Beautiful

Indulging my inner 5 year old, I’m actually almost as excited about the packaging as the contents. So before I launch into the goodies they have sent me I wanted to take a moment to appreciate Lush’s eco credentials.

Lush are constantly striving to become a better, greener company, but they manage to do it in such a beautiful way. The box is beautifully decorated on the inside and full of what initially looks like polystyrene packing material, but all is not what it seems. These are eco chips, made of starch, and they biodegrade in water and soil.

Lush Eco PackagingThe products themselves no longer come in paper or plastic bags, the solid products like bath bombs come completely naked. The liquids come in 100% recycled plastic, which you are asked to return in order to make future packaging. They also don’t test on animals and are 100% vegetarian. Top marks all round.

So you can feel really good about yourself as you tuck into your treats. It also means you get that wonderful Lush shop smell right as you open up the box.

Gingerbread House

Lush Christmas 2019 UnboxingSo, inside a sea of eco chips what did I find? A Gingerbread House!

A gorgeous, reusable tin in the style of a Christmas gingerbread house, with a selection of festive treats inside.

The first thing I come to is a small slip of paper detailing all the “naked” products in this Christmas gift. Like the menu in your tub of Christmas chocolates, this paper tells you the details of all the bath bombs and bubble bars included. Their ingredients are listed and also to note is that all the bath bombs in this gift set are vegan.

Note: You can go direct to all the below products for more information and to check for allergens, by clicking on the title. 


Bath Bombs

So which bath bombs are included from the Lush Christmas 2019 range?

Marshmallow World 

Marshmallow World Bath BombAnyone who follows my Instagram feed will know that I have a super sweet tooth. Toiletries and cosmetics that have the aroma of food are my favourite kind.

So with marshmallow and vanilla as the main scents I instantly knew I was onto a winner. It even has sugar listed as an ingredient. Bathing in sugar and marshmallow pink perfection? Yes please.

Pop Art

Lush Christmas 2019 Pop ArtThe tag line for this product is “I bought me some corn for poppin” I feel like I could just leave it there as enough Christmassy goodness. However, for extra sparkle in your day – this product has popping candy inside it, enough for 10 minutes! That’s right, popping candy in your bath. Let’s just take a minute. . . .

I cannot wait to try this one, as if popping candy is not enough, it fills the bath with yellow and orange swirls and smells of caramel.


Bubble Bars

Alongside the two one hit wonder bath bombs above which provide a one off bathing bonanza, there are two bubble bars. These are the ones that you can crumble some off now and save a little bit for later too; making enough bubbles to last over a couple of baths each.

The Comforter

The ComforterIf you are less into the sweet stuff and fruit is more your favourite then this is the one for you. Cassis and bergamot are the ingredient high notes.

So although not officially one of your five a day, a long bubble bath inhaling orange and blackcurrant has got to be at least a step in the right direction after a day of Christmas overindulgence.

That is what I will be telling myself anyway.

Candy Cane

Candy Cane Bubble BarMost Christmassy of all the bath products in the gingerbread house gift set is Candy Cane. I’m really thrilled to have this in the set as I had already seen it on the Lush website.

Nothing screams Christmas like a candy cane and although this one does not smell of peppermint (an opportunity missed or would that be a bit too medicinal?) it does have the citrus scents of orange and lemon. I love the idea from the website that you could hang this on your tree. It would be like having a Lush shop scented room diffuser. I would totally buy one of those!

You just hold this under the tap until you achieve the required bubbliness, then let it dry off to use it again. Simples.


Shower Gels

When you only have time for a quick shower, but still want a sensual celebration, here are some of the shower treats to be had from the Gingerbread House gift set.

American Cream

American Cream Shower GelThis Shower gel is properly pink and has a similar smell to the Marshmallow World bath bomb above, like sweet shop heaven.

From previous experience I know that Lush bath bombs make you smell lovely for a couple of days. My plan is to use the Marshmallow World bath bomb first and then top up the scent by using this shower gel in the following days.

Yog Nog

Yog Nog Shower GelThis is another item which was already in my sights from the Lush Christmas 2019 range. As you will know if you follow me on Instagram I love Egg Nog. I’m thinking of starting a full on supermarket campaign for it become a thing in the UK. In the mean time I make my own each year and even make an Egg Nog Pie for dinner guests.

Caramel and custard is officially the scent profile of this shower gel, plus it has maple syrup in it. I’m in.

Like above, my plan is to use this as a follow up to the Pop Art bath bomb. Keeping the sweet caramel scent strong over the winter season.


Lip Scrub

Cookie Dough

Lush Christmas 2019 Cookie Dough Lip ScrubThe final item in the Gingerbread House tin is Cookie Dough lip scrub. Also vegan, this is a little jar of loveliness. Full of sugar, spice and all things nice, unsurprisingly this smells like cookies.

I have used Lush scrubs before, including the lovely Buffy for many years and found them to be really effective. I have had a go with this and already love it. It tastes like cookies too and I can feel my lips are soft and smooth after only a couple of applications.

Although it does have all natural ingredients, try not to eat it straight out the jar. It brings back happy memories of the Friends episode when they get stuck in Monica’s room and eat the leg wax, although this actually tastes edible.

A fabulous festive treat

That’s everything in the Gingerbread House gift; there is a link to the Lush website page which it is on here. There are lots of other wonderful creations in the Lush Christmas 2019 range; you will see more when I do a Christmas wish list post.

At the moment, I have just done an unboxing and given you a quick run through of what is inside. But I will update this post as I use the items.

Hope you liked this post and it has inspired you to try some of the lovely things at Lush this Christmas. Even before Lush kindly sent this to me, some of these items were already on my list to get as little treats for myself in the run up to Christmas. I think everyone should enjoy a few little treats as part of their seasonal preparations.

If you are interested in other gift ideas and would like to see some of my Christmas shopping so far, you can find all things shopping related here.

Have fun