Easy Christmas Dessert Recipe – Angel Pie

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Angel Pie

Today I thought I would share an easy Christmas dessert recipe with you.

Slice of Angel Delight PieThose of you that follow me on Instagram will know that I love to bake. I also love to entertain, especially at Christmas and I love a buffet and all the lovely leftovers.

The below recipe is for a dessert that I love to serve all year round and always goes down a treat. It’s actually my own mash up of some different recipes which I use.

Foodies look away now…did I mention it features Angel Delight? That lovely, creamy childhood favourite that everybody loves is the filling to this pie. Do not be snobby about Angel Delight. EVERYBODY loves it, whether they are willing to publicly declare it or not! This will go down a storm. This whole recipe was inspired by not having the right ingredients for a dessert filling one day. Looking around for an alternative I used Angel Delight. TIP: Keep some in your cupboard for dessert emergencies.

Why it’s so great…

> Quick and easy to make with only six ingredients. You don’t even need an oven, just a hob.

> Suitable for making ahead of time: I always get this done and in the fridge the day before. No need to be in the kitchen faffing with dessert, you can have that time with your family and friends instead, which is why you invited them round right? You can just produce this straight from the fridge.

> Adaptable: Switch out the butterscotch Angel Delight for any other flavour. I have used white chocolate and chocolate mint at Christmas.

So, without further ado, here is my easy Christmas dessert recipe. I hope you love it.

My Easy Christmas Dessert Recipe – Angel Pie



  • 300g bourbon biscuits – Note: plain biscuits would work but bourbons make an awesome base.
  • 50g margarine or butter


  • 1 x pack of butterscotch Angel Delight – mine was 59g – Note: Any flavour works, but butterscotch seems to be everyone’s favourite (I have done extensive surveys in this, so you can trust me)!
  • 300ml milk – Check how much milk your Angel Delight mix needs, may need to adjust.


  • 300ml double cream
  • 150g dark chocolate. Don’t buy expensive, I use cheap supermarket chocolate at about 45p a bar. No one has ever complained, no one can tell, and no one cares. Save good chocolate for eating. In my humble opinion it is wasted in baking.

You also need: 8inch/20cm loose base flan dish, Like this one from Lakeland.

Optional: Cake sprinkles to personal taste. I have used red, green and white sprinkles for full on Christmas joy. Gold glitter, white chocolate stars and silver balls for a more sophisticated look. Not all at once, I do have some restraint…sometimes.

Ready? Here we go:

To make the Base:

Bourbon biscuit baseNote: This bourbon base idea is taken from Nigella’s Kitchen book, specifically her Grasshopper Pie (Ghostbuster Pie) recipe, also worth checking out and great for a Halloween theme / year round dessert.  I’m telling you this base is a game changer. Once you start using it you will never again settle for a plain biscuit base. I use this base for all my desserts, all year round.

> Put your 300g bourbons in a food processor. Whizz to crumbs.

> I melt 50g butter gently on the hob.

> Pour butter into processor with the biscuits and whizz again to combine.

Now, the trickiest part of the whole endeavour – pour the biscuit base into your tin and use the back of a spoon to press into a base and up the sides. It’s worth taking the time to do this really well, especially if you want to take it out of the tin before serving. Make sure it is really compacted on both the bottom of the tin and also up the sides.

TIP: I use a teaspoon and do the side first; going round the tin twice to make sure there is enough and it is firmly in place, then use any remaining crumbs to flatten in the base.

> Put base in the fridge to cool and set.

Making the Filling:

Angel Delight Pie Filling> Make up Angel Delight with the milk according to instructions on the packet. I whizz mine in my Nutribullet, quick as a flash.

> Pour straight onto the base evenly and return to the fridge.

Making the Topping:

This is essentially just a chocolate truffle mix, put into service as a yummy topping.

> Pour the 300ml double cream into a saucepan and heat until nearly boiling.

> Take off the heat and break up the 150g chocolate into the cream and stir until melted and smooth.

Note: You can add extra flavour here if you wish; a dash of vanilla or your favourite liqueur.

> Pour evenly over the filling and return to the fridge.

That is it. Leave dessert in the fridge to set for at least 2 hours or until you need it, can be the next day. Once mine is set I gently take it out of the tin and slide it onto a serving plate, using a palette knife, so it’s ready to serve when I need it. I have never had one break, but I would advise doing it before your guests arrive as it can be a bit scary. If you are not feeling brave just serve carefully from the tin.

Easy Christmas Dessert, Angel PieNote: This is when you can add your optional sprinkles, just before you are about to serve, if using, but it is beautiful, just the way it is.

Sit back and graciously accept the complements about your delicious layered creation. Optional: pretend you slaved for hours and don’t reveal it was an easy magic trick of whizzing and melting.

I make this easy Christmas dessert recipe a lot and for all occasions, not just Christmas.

If you liked this, my love for Nigella is not confined to this post. See here for my love letter to her Christmas book and the list of Christmas recipes I use every year from it.

See here for ideas for Christmas drinks to serve to your guests.

Finally you can find my Christmas trifle recipe here.

Make sure that you follow me on Instagram @joyfullyfestive and turn on notifications for lots of Christmas food posts.

Have Fun


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