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Cottage Delight Christmas Perfect Pate Classics

Ad – Gifted: Items mentioned in this post were kindly gifted by Cottage Delight.

Hello everyone,

we are so close to Christmas now, you can almost hear those sleigh bells ringing.

Today I have some Christmas gift ideas for those chefs, bakers and food fans on your buying list. Some Cottage Delight Christmas treats. I have also included some ideas for how I would use the products contained in the gifts over the festive period as part of my Christmas store cupboard.  As you know I love cooking and so Cottage Delight is right up my street. Although some of the below mentioned items are gifted, I’m under no obligation to promote these products and I do so with pleasure as they are a company I already use and love.

I have always been a customer of Cottage Delight. I can honestly say that there isn’t a Christmas when their products are not in my fridge as part of my festivities (I currently have a jar of their raspberry & prosecco jam already on the go). As well as that they are usually wrapped up under my tree, both as a gift to others and as a treat for me on Christmas Day. They are a part of my Christmas.

A Christmas Tradition

Christmas Cheese and Biscuits

If it wasn’t already obvious, I love all things traditional about Christmas and that definitely includes preserves.

Before the 24/7 availability of fruit and vegetables from around the globe. Winter was traditionally a time to hunker down from the cold and feast on the carefully preserved harvest. As such preserves are a part of a traditional Christmas, from mince pies to piccalilli. So it is no surprise that I love them.  

I’m also a big fan of giving food as gifts. I like to buy people something they may not have tried before and would not normally buy for themselves. Food gifts also have the advantage that they are useful and they disappear after use. Cottage Delight Christmas treats also have a lovely homemade feel to them. They make a great alternative if you don’t have the time to preserve yourself. 

Cottage Delight

Cottage Delight is a 45 year old British business which started as a kitchen based fudge making enterprise. Since then the Cottage Delight range has expanded to include jams, chutneys and all manner of accompaniments.

You won’t find a Cottage Delight store on your high street, but they are readily available at garden centres, farm shops, delis, butchers and department stores. They are one of my favourite brands to buy and gift, with their bright packaging they always stand out and draw me in.

So, let’s have a little unboxing and see what they have sent to me to share with you.

Tempting Trios

The first Cottage Delight Christmas treat they have sent is one of their tempting trios:

Grate for Cheese

Chunky champion chutneys – A tempting trio of chunky chutneys for creating a champion cheese board packed with fabulous flavour.

Cottage Delight Christmas Grate for Cheese

In my Grate for Cheese set there is:

> Caramelised Onion Chutney – 105g.

> Sweet Apple Chutney – 105g.

> Tomato, Garlic & Ginger Chutney – 105g.

They are all made in small batches by traditional methods, they are suitable for vegetarians and also gluten free. You can see the full description here on the Cottage Delight website.

This set is perfect as a gift idea for any cheese lovers in your life. They are also a great idea to have in your Christmas store cupboard. I will be bringing these out with the cheese and biscuits for Christmas Day tea and also be serving them with the cold meats as part of a Boxing Day buffet. I also like them because they are small jars, so you can open all three and offer a choice to guests.

Christmas LeftoversThe jars will be finished up in leftover sandwiches during that wonderful Twixmas period between Christmas and New Year. Does anyone else think that the leftovers are the best part of doing a buffet? Another reason I love Christmas so much, when else is it acceptable to eat leftover quiche for breakfast at 8am?

Each tempting trio set contains 3 mini jars of Cottage Delight treats. There are five different sets available in the range and they all contain some delicious treats.

The other sets are:

> A Touch of Fizz, Gold Award Winners, The Christmas Cracker and The Perfect Toast.

Cottage Delight tempting trios are actually on promotion at the moment and you can buy 2 of any of the sets for £11. One for a gift and one for the cupboard!

Perfect Pate Classics

Traditionally tasty – A classic collection of chunky chutneys, perfect pâtés and traditional biscuits for a scrumptious flavour adventure.

As mentioned above Cottage Delight do not just do jams and chutneys. They have expanded their range so that they can provide whole hampers. Perfect Pate Classics is a fabulous example of this; it is a beautiful set with everything together for a quick afternoon nibble.

Cottage Delight Christmas Perfect Pate ClassicsIn my Perfect Pate Classics set is:

> Wild Boar & Merlot Pate – 90g.

> Farmhouse Pork Pate – 90g.

> Scottish Oatcakes – 250g.

> Sweet Apple Chutney – 325g.

> Caramelised Onion Chutney – 105g.

> Tomato, Garlic & Ginger Chutney – 105g.

For more details see the web page here.

I really like giving hampers as gifts, as I have mentioned in several posts before. This is a great, ready to go option if you are not confident in putting your own hamper together.

Christmas Food GiftsIt would also split into several smaller gifts really well to make three really inexpensive gifts from one set. If I was going to do this, I would put the two mini chutneys together, the large chutney as another and the oatcakes and pates as a third. These would make great tree presents. Do you do tree presents? You might call them something else – a little extra present everyone has to open in the evening on Christmas night? These would be perfect for that.

This set is also wonderful for me as I love pate. On festive mornings in our house we like to have something special, but easy and not too filling for breakfast. This normally means crumpets with pate and these are the ideal size for that.

So that is another thumbs up for me, currently on offer on the website at £13.50.

Chilli Lovers Delight

The final item Cottage Delight has sent to me the the Chilli Lovers Delight Set.

Sensationally spicy – A superb selection of scrumptiously spicy treats, perfect for chilli lovers of all ages.

Chilli Lovers Delight Gift SetThe set comprises of:

> Chunky Chilli-Lille Pickle – 280g.

> Spicy Chilli Flakes – 33g.

> Spicy Piri Piri Chutney – 325g

> Spicy Chilli Oatcakes – 250g.

> Spicy Mango & Ginger Chutney – 115g.

See website page for more details here.

Now, I have to admit that I’m not a Chilli lover myself. However I have several spice lovers in my family and this would make a perfect gift for them. This is exactly the gift I would buy for my brother in law and my dad.

But aside from giving as a gift, there are also ways I can use the items myself. Firstly as an addition to my buffets and cheeseboards over the whole Christmas season. This means that even without serving spicy foods which not everyone might like, there is an option there for the spice lovers to add a bit of extra punch to the proceedings.

Mango Chutney DipAlso as soon as I saw the Spicy Mango & Ginger Chutney I knew it would be perfect in a dip I make every year with regular mango chutney. For this I would mix the whole jar from this set with an equal amount of cream cheese, a pinch of salt and a dash of lemon juice. That’s it, a really easy homemade dip to serve. Try it.

I also absolutely love the wooden crate that it is presented in. It has the Cottage Delight bunting on each end and the Cottage Delight strapline “Great taste, Great times” on each side. It is beautiful and I can think of many ways to reuse it for a whole host of things, including as a decor item. I will be hanging on to that for myself!

My Cottage Delight Christmas Sweet Treats Wishlist

Cottage Delight JamThat is everything for the unboxing. However I couldn’t go without a round up some of their sweet treats too. These were not gifted to me but are some of the items on my buying and wish list for this year. As I said, I’m a regular customer of theirs so had already been eyeing these up on the website and in shops.

> Sweet Treats Classics Hamper – This has curd, jam, marmalade and biscuits.

> A Touch of Fizz – This is a tempting trio set with Daiquiri and Bellini Jams and a Gin marmalade.

> Farmhouse Fruit Ciders – I love fruit Cider on its own and as an option for guests on my Christmas drinks menu. But also to use to mull as a winter warmer, see here for more info.

> Rum & Cherry Chocolate Fudge – clearly that needs no further explanation – yum!

> Bucks Fizz Marmalade – for festive afternoon tea and breakfast offerings.

That is all for today, I hope you enjoyed this post, you can see the full Cottage Delight Christmas range on their website here. Plus you can find lots more Christmas gift ideas in my gift & shopping section here.

Also, If you haven’t already, check out my ideas for 50 fun Christmas activities here.

Have fun


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