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Christmas Robin Wooden Tree Decorations

One of the unexpected joys of starting this blog and my Instagram account has been the discovery of all the other Christmas enthusiasts and Christmas makers out there.

Never did I think I was the only Christmas devotee out there, far from it, but we are something of a secret society. All of us have been groaned at for mentioning Christmas before December. So we tend to go about carefully concealing our festive fixation.

Well, I have found my people! My year round love of Christmas is why I started this blog, I’m no longer a closet Christmas cracker and I’m shouting loud about it. I love our Christmas community.

Linked to this is the further discovery of all the Christmas makers out there. Being able to seek out and buy from fabulous Christmas makers has been an unforeseen benefit which has completely delighted me.

I’m no Elf!

I have dabbled in making cards before; I love a craft store and have all the supplies. However the creations in my imagination never quite turn out how I plan. Put it this way, Santa would not be employing me to make toys in his workshop.

Thankfully, there are so many artistically gifted and passionate Christmas makers out there and now I am discovering them all the time. Today, I’m going to be exclusively talking to you about one such maker.

The Christmas Hen

The Christmas Hen LogoThe wonder of the internet is that there is no way I would have been able to discover this talented independent Christmas maker living hundreds of miles from me before starting this blog.

What follows may sound like a sponsored post, but it isn’t. It’s just my small appreciation for a talented maker. I don’t know The Christmas Hen personally and she doesn’t even know that I’m writing this post. So with that out the way; here’s what I have discovered and would like to share with you.

For Christmas makers there is no waiting until December, they are planning for Christmas all year round and in full Christmas production mode in the height of summer. Therefore, it was July when I came across The Christmas Hen and her festive makes.

The Christmas Hen was only started on 20th July, the same week I started this blog and is actually an offshoot of The Birch Hen (lovely garden makes). The magic of Instagram is such that within two weeks, even though we both had completely new accounts I had found The Christmas Hen.

Instantly attracted by her Instagram bio I was already eyeing up her festive wares: 

“Adding colour to the world one Christmas Tree at a time. I like to create quirky festive decorations, when I’m not busy hugging Chickens”.

Christmas Post

Christmas Post2019 is clearly a year of new experiences for me; as well as starting both this blog and Instagram, I had never ordered from Etsy before either. I had heard of Etsy, a corner of the internet that I knew I would probably love, but had never quite gotten round to properly exploring. This week, I could not resist any longer and I took the plunge and did my first order.

There were so many lovely items on The Christmas Hen shop that it was really hard to choose, but I whittled it down and they arrived this morning; I couldn’t be more pleased.

First, as I had hoped, my Christmas buys were securely and suitably wrapped in snowflake packaging. Inside was a note thanking me for my purchases and the items were revealed to be just as lovely as they always look in their Instagram photos.

Wood Slice Christmas Tree Decorations

I’m always attracted to natural Christmas decorations and the first two items I had ordered were wood slice hanging decorations, they came packaged together in a cute little bag.

Christmas Robin Winter Scene – £3

Christmas Robin Wood Slice DecorationThe Christmas Hen hand makes these items using paper, twine, lacquer and wood. They are decoupaged on both sides and finished with varnish and a twine hanger. Mine are both 6.5 cm across.

They are beautiful and so well made, I’m really impressed with the quality and care that has gone into them.


Christmas Robin Winter Berries Foliage Scene – £3

Christmas Robin Winter Berries DecorationThis is the second one I purchased. As explained on the Etsy shop, due to the nature of the design no two pieces will ever be the same, making each item unique.

That means that you cannot currently order this exact design, because I have bought it. But there are similar items available and also lots of other wood slice designs.



As well as the wooden decorations there are lots of other Christmas items to choose from at the store including:

> Decoupaged baubles

> Plush baubles

> Coaster Sets and large mats

But what really took my attention was the slate hanging signs.

Slate Hanging Heart Christmas Decorations

These are created from slate; hand painted, decoupaged and completed with lacquer and a twine hanger. They are 15 x 15cm. Again, I bought two:

Winter Bird Slate Hanger

Christmas Robin Winter Birds Tree Scene – £6.99

Can you tell I love a Robin? This design features a snowy winter scene with Robins and other winter birds. I really liked this because it is not overly Christmassy in its design so you can use it as a decoration to display all winter, if not all year round. 

I think I will be hanging this one in my porch.  

Nordic Red & White Christmas Jumper – £6.99

Slate hanging red and white Christmas decoration

I also love a Christmas jumper and could not resist this one. Plus anything in a red design and I’m pretty much sold. As the name suggests this one has a definite Nordic theme to it.

Again, I am totally awe struck by the quality of these items and very envious of the creative talent that The Christmas Hen has.

All the items I purchased were finished to an exceptional standard, packed well and clearly created with love and great thought going into the designs.


I spent £19.98 in total. Which also meant that I qualified for free delivery as I’m in the UK and had spent over £15.

So, I really recommend that you get on over to the Etsy shop and take a look at all the lovely pieces available, link here. Also spread some of that Christmas love on The Christmas Hen Instagram page here.

Support Small Business & Our Christmas Community

This first purchase from my new Christmas community has really inspired me to further support all the Christmas makers, sellers and content creators that I have been following and liking on Instagram. Don’t just tap and scroll on; leave a comment, follow that link in bio and get buying. Not only will you be supporting a small business to live their dreams, you will be filling your Christmas home full of unique and beautiful items. Everyone’s a winner!

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Have Fun


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