Christmas Home Additions – Final Festive Flourishes

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Christmas Home Additions

Hello Everyone,

Today I have a post all about Christmas home additions. Cheap and easy ideas for those final festive flourishes around the home to complete your Christmas decor.

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas build up. It’s a really busy time of year but also my favourite time. I love it when all the decorations, gifts and food are finally out in all the shops and the preparations get into full swing.

Aside from my decorations which I use every year there are some extra festive touches that I always seek out at this time in the final run up to Christmas. They are little gems of Christmas all around our home. It has become a tradition to seek them out each year and I always get lovely comments when they are noticed by guests over Christmas.

So here is my list of Christmas home additions. They are all cheap and easy to source and I always get mine from supermarkets and discount stores. You can probably buy everything on this list for just £1-2 each.

> Wax Melts

Christmas Wax MeltsI like to have a Christmas smell throughout the house at all times during the holiday season. There are various ways to achieve this but wax melts are my favourite. This year I have bought a beautifully presented set from Home Bargains. It’s by AirPure and is called the 12 days of Christmas wax melt gift book. It was just £2.99.

It would make a lovely gift for someone, you could even buy an electric wax warmer to go with it and have change from ten pounds. The melts in this are perfect as they are small, meaning I can change up the scent every few days. They even have lovely names like joy, hope and peace and scents include apple pie, sugar plum and home baking. I can’t wait to try them.

Wax melts are widely available now in all supermarkets and discount stores. Yankee Candle Sparkling Cinnamon or anything with a baking smell are my favourite scents to have in the home at Christmas time.

> Room Spray / Reed Diffuser / Air freshener

Christmas Room Spray

If you don’t have a wax warmer, there are still loads of ways to add a touch of Christmas scent to your home.

A Christmas scented reed diffuser is a really good way to add a background smell to places which are separate rooms such as bathrooms and porches.

For an instant spritz when you have unexpected guests, I also like to have some Christmas scented room spray or air freshener on hand too.

The one pictured is from Avon.

> Christmas Straws

Christmas Straws

I don’t use plastic straws anymore, but I do like having paper straws to use when I’m serving Christmas drinks and also for milkshakes.

This year I bought mine from Amazon.

> Toilet Roll

Christmas Toilet Roll

Yes, during December even the toilet roll in our house has a festive flourish. For many years I have got mine from Morrisons, usually with The Snowman on.

In addition I have already seen Christmas printed toilet roll in M&S and Wilko this year.

> Kitchen Roll

Similarly to above, I also buy Christmas printed kitchen roll. Again usually The Snowman from Morrisons or Wilko. But most supermarkets do their own branded ones too. I have some from Sainsburys open currently, but I buy a couple of different ones to use over the whole of November and December.

> Washing Up Cloths & Sponges

Primark - Disney Christmas ClothsBring some Christmas home additions to your kitchen. Some years these are hard to find, but keep a look out for Christmas tree, snowflake or snowman shaped washing up sponges.

I have bought them previously from Sainsburys. As they can be hard to find, I buy a couple of packets if I see them. Keeping a little stash that I use only at Christmas each year in case I can’t find them.

I already picked up some Disney Christmas cloths from Primark, you may have seen these in my October Christmas haul post here. These were in stock at the Primark I went to yesterday too. I have also seen some this year in TKmaxx.

> Bin Bags

Christmas Bin BagsI love these bin bags which are printed and shaped to look like Christmas puddings. I think I got this roll from ASDA for £1 and I have used them for probably the last 5 years.

I only use them for present opening, so you only need 1 or 2 each year. Everyone can put their rubbish straight into the bin bag and when you tie it up it looks like a Christmas pud.

Super cute and much nicer than a standard bin bag.

> Handwash

It can be hard to add Christmas home additions to bathrooms. We have Christmas hand towels that we use in our bathrooms and the aforementioned Christmas toilet rolls. I also like to seek out some Christmas themed hand washes for guests to use.

Christmas Hand WashBaylis & Harding are always the first brand I look for as they nearly always have some lovely choices at Christmas. This year I have bought Midnight Plum & Wild Blackberry, which has stunning purple and gold packaging. Baylis and Harding products make great gifts too, I have already bought both sets and individual items this year as presents.

I also use Christmas handwash in my Kitchen, this year I have Fruits Spiced Apple & Fig from Sainburys.

> Washing Up Liquid

Again, this is similar to the above. I always get some Christmas themed washing up liquid too. This year I have a Winter Spice scented one from Sainsburys.

>  Napkins

Christmas Napkin and TreatsYou don’t need to have expensive Christmas china to serve your festive feast on.

It is really cheap and easy to invest in some Christmas printed napkins.

They are available at all supermarkets and discount stores and there are some beautiful designs.

A really nice festive touch to serve with your mince pie and sausages rolls.

> Potpourri

Christmas Home Additions Potpourri

I have seen some really nice potpourri this year and it is really widely available.

I do buy it more for the aesthetic than the smell, which I never find particularly pleasing or long lasting. I like the ones with golden painted pine cones and other festive fripperies included.

Potpourri is another easy way to add a touch of Christmas cheer to those difficult rooms to decorate like bathrooms. I’m not one to let a bowl or vase lay empty at this time of year so I always buy a few different ones.

> Tea Bag Tidy

Christmas Mitten Teabag TidyWe seem to get through tea bag tidies at an extraordinary rate in this house. We used to have a really lovely Christmas one from Harrods many years ago. But over the years it took a bash or two and got chipped. We have been without one for a few years but this week we picked up this really sturdy one from Home Bargains for £1.49. A bargain and hopefully will last a few seasons.

So there you have it, my Christmas home additions to add some final festive flourishes. I agree a few are festive fancies that are maybe only for the Christmas die hard fan. But if you have read this far, you probably fall into that category already.

All I can say is that it makes me very happy to find and add as many Christmas additions to my home as possible. Guests both young and old seem to enjoy them too and anyway, they are part of our Christmas traditions now and you don’t mess with Christmas traditions.

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Have fun