Christmas Gifts for Homebodies: Staying In Essentials

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Home Christmas GiftsIn this post I’m going to be giving you ideas on Christmas gifts for homebodies. We all know someone whose idea of bliss is a quiet day in the comfort of their own home. Here you will find lots of lovely ideas for that person on your Christmas shopping list.

This is my second post with Christmas gift ideas. You can catch up with the first in the series, looking at Christmas gift ideas that are going out essentials, here.

Christmas Gifts for Homebodies

Be it an rainy hunker down day or a little bit of me time that your recipient loves, these gift ideas are sure to be perfect for them. For each idea I have linked to one possibility, either on Amazon or another website for inspiration.

So grab a pen and paper and here we go:

Staying in essentials:


Christmas JumpersFirst order of any stay at home day is getting your cosy on. So you want to provide them with something casual and comfortable:

> Pyjamas / Lounge pants: New pyjamas are a must for Christmas, its tradition. Check out these super cute Giraffe ones here.  For men’s lounge pants, check out these Batman ones here; who doesn’t want to feel like a secret superhero on their day off?

> Slippers / fluffy socks: finish the outfit off with something for them to keep their toes toasty. I’m loving these ones here for the Harry Potter fan in your life.

Setting the Mood

Now that they are properly attired for the day, what Christmas gifts for homebodies set the right mood?

Mug and Hot Chocolate> Mug: It’s not a relaxing day as far as I’m concerned if you don’t have a brew of something warm and cosy. So include a lovely mug in their home bird hamper. I love these from Wrendale and these Sally Swannell ones. Add in a nice festive hot drink mix for a final touch, see my blog post on food Christmas presents for ideas, link here.

> Blanket: Once they have their cuppa, they will need something to snuggle under; a blanket or throw makes a great useful gift, like this one here. Or for something really special, check out Yorkshire blankets here.


Christmas gifts for Homebodies

> Scented candles / Diffuser / Room Spray: Everyone likes a fresh smelling room. They are also a great way to create a cosy atmosphere. Every shop will have a range of Christmas candles, diffusers and room sprays so they are really easy to buy too. Found some beautiful ones to inspire you here.

> Decoration: Decor pieces are also great Christmas gifts for homebodies. I love this Photo frame (add a favourite photo to make it a really cherished gift) and this Perpetual calendar, which I own myself, as gift ideas.

Trivial Pursuits

Hedgehog CushionRight, they are dressed for the occasion and have set the mood, what’s next?

Well you are obviously looking to provide them with some well-earned rest and relaxation activities, so here are some ideas for some trivial pursuits:


> Internet Radio: This is obviously a main present idea for someone special and I’m aware I have talked about it before. I had to include thou as it is my best buy ever. I love my Roberts internet radio and use it every day when I’m at home, see here for link. A whole day or evening of varied music, all at the touch of a button. I have discovered so many great stations, songs and artists that I would never have heard of without this great gadget. You can see my blog post about all the Christmas a cappella groups I have discovered on my internet radio here.

Buble Christmas CD > CD: If an internet radio is a bit pricey, what about a soundtrack to their favourite movie or a CD that reminds you of them. How about one from this link here of Amazons current bestsellers.

> DVD: Whether they are a lover of comedy or classics; who doesn’t love the opportunity for some sofa time and a box-set binge? Ideas aplenty here. If you want a great Christmas DVD gift idea; check out my blog post on Christmas comedy specials here and Christmas animations here.

Quiet Activities:

> Puzzle book: Get their mind working, these are so popular now, there are loads of choices, test their minds against code breakers here.

> Adult colouring book: again the popularity of these has soared and there is truly a colouring book for every possible taste, a few possibilities: Christmas | Game of Thrones.

> Puzzle: I have lots of puzzles, a lovely relaxing way to spend the afternoon, I love Ravensburger ones and have several of the Christmas puzzles like this one here. I also love all the Colin Thompson ones and have many from his Ravensburger bookshop and cupboard ranges. So beautifully themed, intricate and full of visual jokes; see an example here. Don’t be put off by the detail, they are actually relatively easy to complete.

Something to Read:

Christmas Book

> Books: Every year for probably twenty Christmasses I received the newest Discworld book by the late, great Terry Pratchett. A gem I would look forward to reading. For a bookworm, there is nothing better than being curled up with a cup of tea and a new tome. Don’t be afraid to ask what they would like. If you would rather surprise them; you can try Goodreads read alikes book lists here. Alternatively look up an author you know they love on Amazon and check out “people who buy this also buy…” to get some ideas of new authors they might like. See the Amazon current book bestsellers list here.

> Magazine: If a whole book isn’t really their thing, how about a magazine for a couple of hour’s diversion? Music lover or car enthusiast, compulsive interior decorator or green fingered gardener; there is a magazine for every hobby and you don’t need to buy a whole years subscription. Just get them one edition, look out of one with a free gift if possible, lots of the December ones come with a free calendar which is a nice extra. Get inspiration from A-Z list here.

Hopefully this has given you lots of inspiration for Christmas gifts for homebodies you have in your life so that you can tick a few presents off your list. You can find more ideas for Christmas home additions here.

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Have fun


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