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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gift Ideas LetteringWant some Christmas gift ideas? Time to start your Christmas shopping, but you have no idea where to start? I’m here to help.

We all have that tricky person on our Christmas gift list. Someone who is difficult to buy for and dare I say it, a little bit Bah Humbug? Someone who is very practical, down to earth and likes to give and receive “a present you can use”. Today I have Christmas gift ideas for these people.

So, I will be publishing a series of posts pulling together a variety of Christmas gift lists. To help you fight Christmas gift clutter, I have aimed to make everything useful, beautiful or both.

So if you need Christmas stocking fillers, Secret Santa presents or are just looking for new ideas for Christmas gifts this year for friends and family then read on.

There will be present ideas here to suit everyone: For her, for him, mum, dad, sister, brother and friends. The ideas can also be scaled to your budget i.e. for a wallet you can spend £1 or £50.

Each post will cover a group of Christmas gifts that are linked together by a category. That way you can either choose just one or you can take a few from each list and put them together as a theme for a Christmas hamper or stocking stuffers.

Christmas Gift Ideas for those Tricky People

Starting today with Christmas gift ideas for those trickiest to buy for, get these one’s in the bag early and you will feel like you are already half way there!

So grab a pen and paper and here we go:

Today’s category is:

Going Out Essentials

Going Out EssentialsWhat makes a more practical or useful gift than this? Really handy items that everyone needs every time they leave the house, you can’t go wrong with something from this list for your impossible to buy for person.

> Purse or Wallet.


> Coin Purse – Never rummage at the shop counter again, all your change in one place and a purse/wallet that shuts!

> Small Umbrella – This was a last minute addition to the list when I got caught in the rain this morning, really could have done with one of these in my bag!

> Shopping Tote Bags – So many options here. Save them money and reduce plastic, win-win! I alway find great ones in Poundland and Supermarkets.

> Woolly Hat / Scarf / Gloves – If you are in the Northern hemisphere it’s likely Christmas will be cold for you. Help them to wrap up for the weather.

> Handkerchiefs / Pack of Tissues –  So they never have to sniff and snuffle through a cold.

> Key Chain with Trolley Token – Both practical and decorative.

Christmas Scarf> Water Bottle – Help them to stay hydrated.

> Reusable Cup – Help them to stay awake!

> Food Flask – Hot soup all day.

> Torch – Pretty self explanatory!

> Small notepad & pen – For capturing moments of inspiration.

There you go, loads of ideas just in this category. Hope you found some useful Christmas gift ideas here, stay tuned for lists in other categories.

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