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Christmas Advent Calendar and Chocolates

Christmas Advent Calendar Decorated HouseLet’s talk Christmas advent calendar strategy.

What do you mean you don’t have an advent calendar? You need this Christmas tradition in your life.

The rise in the popularity for adult advent calendars in the last few years has been meteoric. No longer is it a simple chocolate or non-chocolate choice. You can get advent calendars with everything from beauty buys to gin to cheese.

As far as I’m concerned this is all good and I can’t wait to try some out this year and share with you all. But today I want to talk about the advent calendar traditions in our house.

I normally have two Christmas advent calendars, one wooden reusable one and one traditional picture advent calendar. As you will see, they are very different in terms of price point, but I find them both equally beautiful.

For Chocolate: Christmas House Wooden Advent Calendar

We are not talking the £1 Cadbury’s ones here. I have a wooden Christmas advent Calendar from Fortnum and Mason (F&M). Yes, I realise it is very expensive! However, I have had it for about 8 years now and I don’t consider it just an advent calendar. It is one of my most beloved Christmas decorations. It really is an heirloom quality piece and I hope to pass it on so that it remains in our family as a Christmas tradition forever. I’m not generally a big spender, but this is something I have never regretted purchasing.

For those in the USA, the calendar is actually made my Byers Choice Ltd.

If you go to F&M or Byers Choice above you will see that there are lots of lovely traditional designs to choose from.

So, we like to go to London every year and look around the Christmas departments in Harrods, F&M, Selfridges etc. My husband and I have done this for the past 15 years. When we first saw this advent calendar I fell in love with it, but because of the price I didn’t buy it there and then. Plus, it’s big – taking it home on the train didn’t seem very appealing!

Another Christmas Tradition

Christmas Advent Calendar with Santa and SweetsIt was actually the following year at Christmas that I bought it (and got it delivered). It instantly became a Christmas tradition that each year my husband and I would fill alternate doors, me odd and him even.

Behind each door you have to put two chocolate treats, one for each of us. This means that you only get a surprise every other day, because the other person filled that door, but you still get a chocolate every day. Examples: Chocolate Coins, Lindor Chocolates & Cadbury’s Mousse Snowman etc.

And this went on for many years, however, full disclosure, last year we bought a second beautiful calendar. The Santa’s Sleigh design from the same range, so now we fill one each for the other person. These calendars also have enough room to fill with small gifts instead of chocolate. For example, you could fill it make-up themed gifts like eye shadows or nail polishes.

Traditional Christmas Picture Advent Calendar

Traditional Christmas Picture Advent CalendarTraditional advent calendars used to be hard to get hold of, but thankfully the last few years there has been lots of choice around.

I have already bought two so far this year, both designed by Sally Swannell.

You are going to hear me talking about Sally Swannell a lot on here and Instagram, I’m slightly obsessed and love her items so much, they are beautiful. I have got four framed prints by Sally for year round and I would like to get some Christmas prints for decorations too.

At the moment I have settled for just two advent calendars Christmas Eve and Christmas Kitchen. I will keep one and one is for my sister who I try to buy an advent card for every year.

These are obviously much more affordable at only a few pounds each, but they are just as beautiful to me. I think they would make a lovely thought as a present for your friends or nearest and dearest on the 1st December to count down to Christmas in style.

So, that is it for today. But it will not be the last post about Christmas advent calendars. As I will be letting you know about new ones I see in the shops and also trying some new ones out for myself to let you know what they are like.

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