Buying Christmas Decorations for Vacation Trip Memories

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Venice Christmas Decoration

New York Christmas DecorationSo, it’s the middle of summer and Christmas seems a long way away.

How do you keep Christmas in your life all year round? I have a Christmas decorations tradition which you can pursue even on your summer holiday.

My husband and I have collected Christmas decorations ever since we got together 15 years ago. Today I’m going to share with you my favourite ones and why you should start this Christmas tradition right now…

Why collect Christmas Decorations from your holidays?

Making memories, it is as simple as that. You know when you hear a piece of music or smell a scent that immediately transports you back to a time or place? This is what my Christmas decoration collection does for me.

I was very lucky that I had a friend recommend doing this to me right after my husband and I got together. That means that I now have decorations from pretty much every holiday we have been on, and when they come out each year we are able to reminisce about the lovely times we have had at those places.

Plus, you have a great reason to visit all year round Christmas shops in the places you visit!

It also seems to be a lot easier than it used to be. When I started out, if you were not visiting places around Christmas then you could sometimes struggle to find a decoration unless there was a dedicated shop. Now more and more places seem to have caught on to the fact that there are lots of us Christmas enthusiasts out there and they are much more widely available.

Sound good? Well to give you some starting inspiration, here are some of my favourites from my collection:


Venice Christmas DecorationI absolutely had to include this little guy. We bought this in Venice, our first trip when we had only been together for 6 weeks. We obviously knew we were going to stay together! It also perfectly represents the best Christmas decoration choice for your collection.

Unless you are very short on choice, try to choose something which most strongly represents the place you are in. A plain round bauble with just Venice written on will never evoke the same memories as one in an unusual shape depicting the number one attractions. This leads nicely into my next choice…

San Francisco

Cable Car DecorationThis Christmas decoration was bought in San Francisco. I love it because:

> It reminds me of an activity we did

> Because it isn’t made of glass, I didn’t need to worry about smashing it on the return home.

> It looks just as good hanging or nestled on top of a branch on the tree.


Salzburg Christmas DecorationThis is one of my favourites because the whole trip was a Christmas fest.

We went to Salzburg for the Christmas markets and it was lovely. If you have not been to a European Christmas market I cannot recommend them enough. Salzburg was excellent because it had a compact and very walkable, city centre, about 6 separate Christmas markets and it was beautifully decorated for the season.

TIP: We warmed up mulled wine in our in room coffee maker.


Canada Cowboy themed Christmas DecorationCanada had rich pickings for Christmas decorations. Many places we visited had a dedicated year round Christmas store, like this amazing one in Banff.

We bought many and this particular one is my favourite because of the cowboy theme. We went to the Calgary Stampede whilst we were in Canada and saw the Chuckwagon races, they were amazing.




Disneyland castle DecorationLast, but certainly not least, I couldn’t go without including a Disney Christmas decoration. I love Disney and have been very lucky to be able to go to both Disneyland and Disneyworld.

Disney is the only place where it truly does feel like Christmas everyday year round. It is magical and at Christmas even more so. This decoration is from Disneyland and of course features Cinderella Castle.

It is big and heavy – good job that it has the Disneyland castle, not the Disneyworld one that’s a lot bigger.

A final note

Gothenburg Christmas DecorationIf you are somewhere, and there are no good decorations to be had, then improvise. When in Gothenburg we had this problem and there was nothing we really liked.

We eventually settled on buying a shaped fridge magnet with a handy hanging hole, this was easily converted into a Christmas decoration.

It all felt very Blue Peter.


I hope you have enjoyed this tour through my holiday Christmas decoration collection. Start your own tradition for collecting today.

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Have Fun


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